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toyota narrow aisle

Shoppa’s Mid America is your narrow aisle specialist. We proudly carry a full line of Toyota narrow aisle solutions to meet the challenges today’s companies are facing as decision makers struggle to do more with less. While it makes financial sense to use less warehouse space to store, stack and pick product, you and your employees need real-life answers for how to do that.

Reach Trucks

As you look for ways to optimize space in your warehouse, you will likely be looking up. It’s becoming more and more common for decision makers to add space up instead of out. As more product gets stored vertically, you’ll need a safe, efficient, reliable way for your employees to access those spots, sometimes in narrow aisles. Toyota reach trucks can lift from 2,500 – 4,500 lbs. and reach up to 30.5’. They come in single and double reach models that navigate in narrow aisles.

Order Pickers

Toyota’s series 6 order pickers can be customized to fit your needs and make it easier for employees to pick product as it is needed. With a 3,000 lb. lifting capacity, self diagnostics and power steering, the 6-series order picker is an excellent partner for your specific narrow aisle warehouse or distribution center application.

The 7-series order picker can lift up to 3,000-lbs., is UL-E approved and has regenerative braking that will solve your off-the-shelf picking challenges in narrow aisle situations.