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If you are looking for a budget-friendlier option for your indoor forklift, Toyota’s Internal Combustion (IC) Cushion Forklifts are an attractive option. Powered by gasoline – cheap, abundant and existing in an easy-to-use liquid state – IC forklifts have been an industry standard for many years and aren’t going away anytime soon. With Toyota’s patented System of Active Stability (SAS), which electronically monitors and controls forklift operation, these machines are safer to operate with a significant reduction in risk of tip overs.

The Core (IC) is designed for indoor applications and is capable of lifting up to 6,500 lbs. Cushion tires are easy to maintain and great for your bottom line. With the ability to navigate aisles as narrow as 12 ft., you’ll also see a superior turning radius.

Additional Toyota Cushion Forklifts:

  • Toyota Large IC Cushion Forklift: durable, high-lift capable of lifting up to 15,500 lbs. and primarily used indoors and in specialty applications. Able to be retrofitted into the Box Car Special and the Paper Roll Special forklifts. Navigates in aisles 13-14 ft. wide.
  • Toyota Box Car Special Forklift: above industry standards solution for use within railcars. Navigate in tight spaces with a high lift capacity and provides new solutions for racking, space planning and shipping.
  • Toyota Paper Roll Special Forklift: specially purposed to stack and maneuver heavy paper rolls with a 12,000 lbs. lifting capability and automatic clamp leveling.
  • Toyota High-Capacity Cushion Forklift: capable of lifting up to 22,000 lbs., this machine provides much-needed versatility in warehouse and manufacturing facilities, including block and pipe and forging and casting.
  • Toyota High-Capacity Large Cushion Forklift: with an ability to lift up to 100,000 lbs., the Large Cushion Forklift takes care of those huge inside jobs. Ideal for automotive environments and moving steel inside manufacturing facilities.

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