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As a full-service Toyota forklift dealer, Shoppa’s Mid America brings you the Toyota Aichi E-Series Scissor Lift, a compact workhorse that faces multiple warehouse challenges with adaptability and versatility. Able to reach up to 38 ft., as well as fit through a standard doorway, the Aichi scissor lift is nimble and sturdy.

With Toyota’s well-known, top-notch construction, the Aichi scissor lift has strong and substantial steel panels. With a platform extension that allows operators to safely reach across obstacles, the Aichi scissor lift also has a tilt alarm for safe operation. Folding guardrails allow the Aichi scissor lift to move through doorways and under low obstacles.

Shoppa’s Mid America offers aerial training that meets OSHA standards. We offer flexible financing options, as well as rental packages to fit any budget.

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