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Advance takes innovative floor sweeping to a new level with the latest addition to the line: the Advance SW8000. With the widest main broom in this class at 50 inches, plus dust control dual side brooms, you’ll get an amazing 77-inch sweep path, giving you an increased productivity of more than 70 percent than sweepers that control dust only at the main broom. The SW8000 is easy to operate, with One-Touch™ controls and a single foot pedal to control direction and activate brooms and dust control. Operator safety is addressed with Clear-View™, an offset hopper that allows the operator to see the front and side without having to lean outside the frame, and a hopper safety arm controlled by the operator.

Keeping the work environment clean provides health benefits for employees, as well as maintaining the condition of stored product. When your clients, customers and employees see that you take care of your work space it provides a positive impact, sending the message that you take care of your business.

Along with the SW8000, Advance offers a variety of sweepers to fit all applications, inside and outside. A Shoppa’s Mid America specialist can help you decide if a walk behind or rider is your best bet. These sweepers are preferred by cleaning contractors, industry and manufacturing, schools, warehouses, hotels, exhibition and convention centers. With durable construction, easy tool-free maintenance and comfortable and safe operation, Advance meets and exceeds your floor sweeping needs.

Contact a Shoppa's today to learn more about our Advance Sweepers to find out the most cost effective choice for you.

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